Black & White Truck Spares   

Ex-Military (SANDF) & Ex-Police (SAPS) Vehicle Spares

We, as a team, have experience of ex-Military & ex-Police vehicles dating back to 1987. We have accumulated a vast stock of vehicles, used spares, and expertise in sourcing their components.

The following is a list of the main vehicle Makes & Models which we stock; it is by no means a comprehensive list.
Make/Model Drive Engine
Bedford  4x2/4x4 300 Petrol/330 Diesel 
Casspir 4x4 ADE352/ADE352T
Ingwe 4x4 ADE366
Kwevoel  4x4/6x6 Various Deutz
Land Rover 3/3S 4x4 Various Petrol/ADE236
Mack 6x6 Mack ETAB676B
Mamba 4x2/4x4 OM352/ADE352
MB 1113-1517 4x2/4x4 OM352/OM352T
Nyala 4x2/4x4 ADE366
Nonquai/Uklebe 4x4 ADE236T
Sakom 50 4x2 Deutz F6L913
Sakom 120 6x4 Deutz F8L413
Samag 70 4x2 ADE352T
Samag 120 6x4 ADE407
Samil 20 4x4 Deutz F6L913
Samil 20 Mk2 4x4 ADE352
Samil 50 4x4 Deutz F6L413F
Samil 50 Mk2 4x4 ADE409
Samil 100 6x6 Deutz F10L413F
Scout 4x2/4x4 Ford V6 Petrol
Unimog 416/Buffel   OM352/ADE352

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