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New Tyres: - We stock new off-road truck tyres suitable for all of the 4x4 & 6xO vehicles mentioned in this web site which are fitted with 20" rims. i.e. excluding Land Rover, Nonquai/Uklebe & Scout which are fitted with smaller diameter rims.

Used tyres: - We have hundreds of used off-road truck tyres in stock of various sizes and tread pattern, prices are largely dependant on the percentage of tread-depth remaining.

Tyre Size Description New Used
12.5 R20 Radial = 335/80R20 Yes Yes
12.5 x 20 Cross Ply --- Yes
14.5 R20 Radial = 365/80R20 Yes Yes
14.5 x 20 Cross Ply --- Yes
1400 x 20 Cross Ply Yes Yes
1600 x R20 Cross Ply --- Yes

Rims. - We stock used rims suitable for all vehicles mentioned in this web site, including the "run-flat" types fitted to the Casspir & Kwevoel.

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